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Literacy Programs


The Daily 5 is more than a management system or a curriculum framework, it is a structure that aims to help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working independently that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence. The Daily 5 consists of a series of literacy tasks - 'Read to Self', 'Read to Someone', 'Listen to Reading', 'Work on Writing' and 'Word Work'.


Fountas & Pinnell is a system of reading levels developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. We use this system as a tool to assess students reading throughout the school year. It assesses accuracy and comprehension and guides teachers' curriculum planning for reading.


Our literacy teachers are trained in Bastow's Leading Literacy program, which focuses on literacy and leadership in both primary and secondary school contexts. The leadership component builds the capabilities and dispositions required to lead school improvement that result in improved student outcomes.


Multilit is a program to assist students from Year 2 and above in supporting them to build their knowledge in reading sight words. Other work is done developing decoding and spelling skills. Students share reading and discuss their understanding of what has been read. Students meet regularly on an individual basis with our MultiLit instructors.


Reader's Notebook is specially designed to promote reflection and dialogue about reading. Reader's Notebook is practical and easy to use. In it, students transform traditional book reports into active dialogues. The notebook becomes a personal storehouse of students' thoughts and feelings and a place to access them for later review, reflection, and sharing. It is also a way for teachers to systematically assess students' responses to the texts they are reading independently. 
Used throughout the school year, the notebook serves as a continual record of one reader's book list, interests and reading responses. 


The Seven Steps is a unique system that chunks writing into seven main techniques. 
1 Plan for Success, 2 Sizzling Starts, 3 Tightening Tension, 4 Dynamic Dialogue, 5 Show, Don't Tell, 6 Ban the Boring, 7 Exciting Endings.
Seven Steps provides students with proven and fun techniques to use in their writing. All teachers of literacy at Lake Bolac College have been trained in this program, which has created common writing vocabulary across our school.


Spelling Mastery is a six-level Direct Instruction series that teaches students dependable spelling skills by blending three approaches: the phonemic approach, the whole word approach and the morphemic approach. Each approach has advantages and possible disadvantages. Spelling Mastery is designed to maximize the advantages of each approach and minimize the disadvantages. This program is run on a weekly basis, consisting of three 20 minute sessions.


THRASS is an acronym for Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills. It is a system for teaching learners of any age about the building blocks of reading and spelling, that is, the 44 phonemes (speech sounds) of spoken English and the graphemes (spelling choices) of written English. 
THRASS is divided into three main skill areas - reading, spelling and handwriting. These skills are interrelated and build on each other to increase a learner's knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the 44 phonemes and the 26 letters of the alphabet which is the key to successful reading and literacy.  

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