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Parent Club

At Lake Bolac P-12 College we have a strong history of parent involvement with the wider school community.  This creates a strong school community of students, staff, parents, carers and families. The Parents' Club organises fundraising and social events for students, parents, families and community members.  In addition we support school programs and act as a forum for parents and families. All parents are welcomed and encouraged to join our meetings and become involved in activities during the school year.

Our objectives are to:

  • Build a supportive school community that incorporates students, staff and families.
  • Undertake fundraising activities that provide additional financial support to the school's educational programs and help foster an optimal learning environment.
  • Act as a forum to raise parent/ family feedback and suggestions.

Being involved in the Parents' Club provides a fun and rewarding way to make friends, get involved with the wider school community and to really make a difference while getting to know other families, teachers and staff.

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