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Mountain to Lake

The Lake Bolac P-12 College annual "Mountain to Lake" is a unique sporting activity.
The event consists of run, walk and ride sections over a distance of 91kms from Halls Gap to Lake Bolac - hence the title.  Participants can choose to run or walk in relay segments or ride a bike the whole way.  It is mostly gentle undulating scenic country, on paved road, with one hill!
The event was originally developed to encourage training and participation towards a fun and inclusive day for secondary students, to improve their fitness with healthy outcomes for body and mind.  The rationale is based on evidence that physical activity improves brain function and leads to better educational results.

In recent years parents, community members, service organisations and primary school students have joined staff and students in the activity, completing sections appropriate to their capabilities.  Preparation training diaries with suggested distances are recommended.
Parents, staff and helpers have also volunteered to assist the participants by providing lead and tail support vehicles, checkpoint drinks and snacks, lunches, motivational cheering, repairs to bike tyres and a celebratory BBQ meal to finish the day.  

The first M2L was actually a "Lake to Sea" where participants ran, walked, cycled and rode horses from Lake Bolac to Lake Pertobe by the sea at Warrnambool. On that occasion 52 students and 13 staff completed the 105km journey in 7 hours, 41 minutes and 34 seconds!
When groups of former students get together "Mountain to Lake" is fondly remembered as a time when the whole school bonds in a shared activity and when students are justly proud of their efforts. The 1986 report states "the feeling of satisfaction at having achieved our goal was worth the effort!".

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