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Mentor Groups 

At Lake Bolac College we pride ourselves on our positive culture. An initiative that the school started at the beginning of 2017 was our Prep- 12 Mentor Groups. The groups are a mixture of Prep-12 students working their mentor group teacher.

The groups strive to bring the school together and work with the College's key component in teaching positive behaviours, in which this also assist the students in developing behaviours to assist them with success and happiness in everyday life. 

The Mentor Groups meet twice a week for 20 minutes on a Monday and Friday they range from working just with their mentor groups, collaborating with another group or coming together as a whole school. 

Each term has a focus area in which all the activities are based around. Throughout the duration of Term 1 the Mentor Groups focussed on Resilience which utilised activities around playing fair, behaviours in sports, resilient thinking, problem resolution looking at their own personal values. Throughout Term 2 the focus has been Respect where the students have been exploring the definition of respect, respectful behaviours, understanding the meaning of pay it forward and later in the term exploring gratitude focussing further on valuing what we have. 

It also provides opportunity for the students to build a relationship with their mentor group teacher which provides the students with someone they can communicate any issues or hardships they may be facing. The mentor groups aim to improve the schools culture in the classroom and in the yard.

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